La Tour d’Oncin

Upholds humanist values


La Tour d’Oncin hosts guests for seminars, training and healing. We welcome companies and organisations who strive for increased economic and social solidarity. We also provide a space for personal development training and for artist residencies.

Situated less than an hour from Lyon and an hour and a half from Geneva, La Tour d’Oncin upholds humanist values, and individuals are welcome just as they are, ensuring a convivial, productive and reinvigorating professional and/or personal development journey – all in an intimate setting designed around each guest.

The entire place is always set up to receive only your group.


To take care of our guests who will spend a few days of vocational or personal discovery programs, la Tour d’Oncin offers a privileged environment far away from the hustle and bustle. The natural environment provides a peaceful atmosphere. The harmonious building is designed to shelter your activities, and your hosts are dedicated to your work and service orientated.

To help team building, with our partners, we offer particular and exhilarating activities.